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Inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax

There’s an important difference between inheritance tax (IHT) planning and intergenerational planning.  

IHT is logical and prepares your money for your children and other beneficiaries. Intergenerational planning, on the other hand, is more to do with deciding when your beneficiaries will receive the money and why – in other words, preparing your children for the money. 

Our IHT and intergenerational planning service will ensure that both aspects are fully exploredBy taking action now, you can put strategies in place to avoid a hefty tax bill and influence how your wealth helps loved ones now and in the future. 

How does it work? 

Understanding the problem  

We will identify your current and future potential inheritance tax liability and provide wellreasoned and robust cashflow projections to assess the impact of different solutions.  

Understanding you fully  

We will get to know your unique thoughts and feelings towards money to identify the various barriers and enablers to ensure your plan works for you. 

Understanding your family  

Every family is different and in order to ensure your strategy has the biggest impact for you and your family’s wellbeing we’ll get to understand their needs and circumstances.  

Understanding the solutions  

Inheritance tax is rarely solved in one fell swoop and so, by the end of the service, you will have a strategy that not only identifies actions for today but a timeline of actions for the future. You will understand what the solutions are and, more importantly, how they fit around you and your family. 

Who is it for?  

Anyone who wants to take active steps to develop the best possible estate planning strategy for your needs and those of future generations. You may have taken steps in the past to solve your problem or perhaps it’s been put on the backburner. Either way, our inheritance tax service will arm you with a timeline of actions that fit around you, your goals and the goals of your family.  

Would Equilibrium need to manage my investments? 

The service is designed to be standalone and there is no requirement for Equilibrium to manage any existing investments you have or disrupt the relationship you may have with a current adviser. Of course, if you would like us to review your existing portfolio we would be delighted to do so. 

How much does it cost?  

From £2,750 + VAT. 

The charge will be assessed depending on the complexity of planning required. There is no charge for an initial meeting during which we will identify if the service is right for you and what the appropriate fee level should be given your own unique circumstances. 

If, at the end of the service, you do not believe it has represented great value for money, we will refund the entire fee! 


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